About Us

Serving the Community

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Thoughtful discussions about the issues in and values of our country are essential to make this country work. Differing viewpoints are necessary to find solutions that benefit all. The strength of our country depends upon strong, participatory, local communities and an open, reciprocal communication with those we elect to represent us at the administrative and legislative levels. 

“All politics is local,” said former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O'Neill. And all voices matter.  We hope you will add your voice to ours to show our commitment to support the families, schools, businesses and town services and administration in Salem.

Where We Meet

Salem Dems meet every Friday morning at 10:00 for Coffee & Conversation at Coffee Coffee, 326 S Broadway Salem NH.  

^^^^ This change take effect on Friday, September 20.

Most months we gather on the  third Tuesday of the month at

at Margaritas, 1 Keewaydin Drive, Salem. We recommend that you check our calendar to confirm the location of the monthly meetings.

Who We Are

All registered Democrats in Salem are members of the Salem Democratic Town Committee (SDTC) and are welcome to all of our events and activities. We encourage like-minded, unaffiliated voters to join us as well. All committee officers and candidates must be registered Democrats. 

If you would like to know more about the work of the committee and become more actively involved, please contact us at

Executive Committee:

Chair Janet Breslin

Vice-Chair Sean Lewis

2nd Vice-Chair Greg Davis

Secretary Bonnie Wright

Treasurer Vince Griseto

How to Contact Us

Salem Democratic Town Committee (SDTC)

PO Box 2031 

Salem, NH 03079

F: @salemnhdems 

T: @salemnhdems