To listen well and to recognize ourselves in those with whom we disagree, takes courage, patience, understanding and empathy. Knowing the issues and learning about those candidates who seek our votes, provide the foundation for civil discourse.

Weekly meeting schedule changes

We are moving!

Salem Democratic Town Committee is very appreciative of Farmhouse Roasters for allowing us to have our weekly gatherings at their shop. It's both good news and bad that we announce that we have outgrown that location! Thank you, Bob, Patrick, Jess and the rest of the crew, for taking such good care of us.

Effective FRIDAY, September 20, we will be welcomed at Coffee Coffee, 326 S Broadway, Salem.

On Thursday, September 12, we will gather at the home of Jim and Janet Breslin Smith, 33 Woodmeadow Road. In addition to our regular meeting, including announcements from presidential candidate team members about their campaign's upcoming events, we have a special guest speaker, presidential candidate Admiral Joe Sestek. See the calendar for details.